Norwegian Lobster Farm initiated in Q4 2019 the Automarus project with grants from the European Union. The project period is set to 2 years and project activities and results will be published under the news feed on the company`s webpage.

The aim of the AUTOMARUS project is to mature, prototype, pilot and implement the first Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) based EL farming solution in individual cages using fully automated feeding and real-time monitoring and robotic lobster handling for the production of European Lobster. Our innovative solution will thus enable profitable and sustainable largescale production of high quality EL for the first time to fit the market gap and create a novel value chain for farmed EL. The AUTOMARUS project will be run by a strong management team with a proven track record in lobster aquaculture, engineering and robotics/automation as well as managing and scaling R&D-intense companies. With a production target of 1,000 tonnes by year 5 after project end, NLF will be the sole supplier of farmed EL and expect to take a 16% share of the European lobster production market and 8% the total market for EL and AL across EU and Asia.